Established in 2007, Egyoil is a privately held shares company specialized in the production of base oils and blended finished lubricants under license of EGPC – Egyptian General Petroleum Government Company through Re-Refining of used waste oil.

Egyoil in the first years started working on recycling used oil as preparation period before starting to work on Re-Refining process.

The used oil feedstock was supplied to Egyoil through a contract between Egyoil and Petro-trade, the 100% owned Government company with fixed supply of 1000 tons/month.

Egyoil already exported recycled oil abroad to countries like Singapore, Syria.

Egyoil is planning to upgrade the project and move to phase II, and phase III starting the 4th quarter of 2016

Phase II:Re-Refining using hydrotreating method to produce Base oil II, Base Oil II+

Phase III:produce our own car motor oil brand, similar to Valvoline Nextgen

Egyoil location in Sadat City is a perfect location exactly in the mid-point on the highway of Cairo Alexandria. 90km to Cair , 90km to Alexandria.